The Definitive Guide to Vintage Ring Styles

June 2, 2016 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Are you wondering which vintage engagement ring style you’d prefer? Please feel free to take our engagement ring style quiz and see which style you would most appreciate.

Here is a vintage ring style guide with common motifs and flourishes that many iconic and historic jewelry designs feature. The images from our pinterest pins are now into in one post with easy navigation to each ring.

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Halo Style Rings

Halo style rings are one of the most characteristic vintage ring styles that were dominant in the Art Deco Era. The halo design is so strong that they are still very much in style today. Diamond and sapphire halos are the most popular type of halo ring, but emeralds, rubies and onyx halos are quite commonplace as well. Click images to view more information:

2.90 Diamond and Sapphire Ring
Old Euro Engagement Ring
emerald cut halo engagement ring

Scroll Motif Rings

Among the design flourishes in our vintage ring styles guide, the scroll motif is the oldest as it has been a part of jewelry and art for at least three millennia. It more recent times, the Edwardian and Art Deco Eras really placed a strong emphasis on the scroll motif. Although the Edwardian and Art Deco Eras used the scroll motif so differently, their joined focus was enough to bring the scroll motif back into popularity.

Tuscany Inspired Old European Diamond Engagement Ring
Vintage Style Engagement Ring
Art Deco Engagement Rings

Bow Motif Rings

The bow motif is one of the most characteristic flourishes of the Edwardian Era. It already existed and was very popular during the Georgian and Victorian Era, but it hit its stride during the early 1900’s. Although the bow element of the motif is usually expressed in metalwork, it is not uncommon to see the diamonds also play a part in the motif.

Art Deco Era Diamond Engagement Rings
Rare Edwardian Engagement Ring
3 Carat Edwardian Style Engagement Ring

Floral Motif Rings

There are two types of floral motifs. The more renowned version of the floral motif jewelry throughout the art and jewelry world is the asymmetrical version: Art Nouveau. Art Nouveau ran along the same timeline as the Edwardian Era and its design follows the more organic and realistic rendering of the floral structures. During the Art Deco Era, the more interpretive and symmetrical floral designs became very popular, and their design borrowed elements of the floral elements and balanced the shapes against each other.

Old Mine Cushion Engagement Ring
Antique Diamond Engagement Ring
Victorian Style Cluster Ring

Leaf Motif Jewelry

Like the floral motif, there are two types of leaf motif rings. The Art Nouveau Ring with its interpretation and the Art Deco Ring with its interpretation.

Vintage Leaf Motif Ring
Floral Accent Engagement Ring
White Gold Antique Engagement Ring

Angular Style Rings

As some of the most modern and striking designs in our vintage rings style guide, Art Deco designs encapsulate the era’s love of all things sleek and streamlined. Reminiscent of the famous buildings built during the Art Deco Era, the Art Deco Rings during this period had a striking and angular sense of balance and symmetry. Sharp corners and long lines that mirrored each other are very characteristic of this motif.

Art Deco Style Engagement Ring
Antique diamond ring
Edwardian Era Cocktail Ring

Unusual Rings

Though there are many motifs that existed during the vintage eras, there were many exceptions. Many creative designers invented fascinating motifs of their own.

While there are many different, unique jewelry touches that artisans have masterfully worked into pieces as subtle references and nods to broader cultural aspects. If you’re seeking rare and unique designs, then let our vintage ring styles guide you in your search. Contact us online or via phone at 212 265 3868 if you have questions about any of our rings or would like to learn more about historic jewelry designs.

Sapphire Platinum Engagement Ring
French Gold Diamond Ring
1930 Vintage Engagement Ring

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