Top 20 Engagement Rings for $80000

January 17, 2023 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

If you’re interested in engagement rings for $80000, then you’ve come to the right place. At this budget, we offer a fantastic selection of engagement rings any bride-to-be would fall in love with. Depending on the stone’s cut, carat weight, and clarity, as well as personal preferences, there are various engagement rings of all eras and collections for you to choose from. 

Check our top 20 engagement rings for $80000. 

1. The Norristown Ring

estate diamond jewelry Norristown engagement rings for $80000

Price: $92,000. Learn more about the Norristown ring.

This stylish and delicate engagement ring features a stunning 6.00-carat, pear-cut diamond. The prominent center stone is certainly a sight to behold, but this ring’s beauty is further elevated by additional diamonds micro pavé set along the gallery rail as well as on the shoulders and leading down the shank.

2. The Orford Ring

Price: $68,000. Learn more about the Orford ring.

If the bride is a fan of sapphires, then consider this gorgeous sapphire halo ring. The Orford ring features an antique cushion-cut center diamond weighing 5.15 carats. Surrounding the diamond is a sleek halo of natural French-cut sapphires creating striking juxtaposition. Additionally, four diamonds adorn each shoulder, and openwork patterns decorate the under-gallery.

3. The Devon Ring

estate diamond jewelry Devon engagement rings for $80000

Price: $70,000. Learn more about the Devon ring.

The center diamond of this ring is 4.22 carats and the additional diamonds total 1.40 carats. Following the wide rounded shoulders are small diamonds interrupted by a larger diamond beneath each of the four double prongs. Finally, bordered by rows of fine milgrain are three diamonds down the center of each shoulder.

One thing is for sure, if you were looking for diamonds, then you’ve certainly found them with this exquisite ring.

4. The Haydon Ring 

estate diamond jewelry haydon solitaire diamond engagement ring

Price: $90,000. Learn more about the Haydon ring.

This vintage solitaire ring was crafted in platinum circa 1920 and features a 5.81-carat, old European-cut center stone. At first glance, you might miss the various embellishments on this minimalistic ring, however, the unique setting as well as the intricate hand engravings along the shoulders and shank truly elevate it.

Aside from the stunning ornamentation, the classic solitaire style is done justice by the beautiful center stone.

5. The Crawford Ring

estate diamond jewelry Crawford engagement rings for $80000

Price: $90,000. Learn more about the Crawford ring.

The Crawford ring may look familiar as it shares many features with the Orford ring previously seen on this list.

The 5.03-carat, antique asscher-cut center diamond is GIA certified and is surrounded by a halo of French-cut sapphires. Finally, there are four additional diamonds adorning each shoulder as well as lovely openwork designs decorating the under-gallery.

This ring is perhaps more similar to the Orford ring than you may initially expect, in fact, it’s only major visual difference is the shape.

6. The Scandia Ring

pretty fancy light pink marquise diamond engagement ring

Price: $88,000. Learn more about the Scandia ring.

This special ring centers a fancy light pink, marquise-cut diamond surrounded by a double halo and a cluster of 14 additional diamonds. The GIA-certified, 1.02-carat center diamond is set in 18k yellow gold along with the inner halo of round brilliant fancy pink diamonds. The rest of the ring is 18k white gold and the triple split shank is adorned with even more diamonds.

7. The Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring 

Estate Diamond Jewelry Brilliant Diamond Ring on Finger

Price: $88,000. Learn more about The Brilliant Cut Diamond ring.

The Brilliant Cut Diamond ring holds a stunning 5.09-carat diamond, with H color, SI2 clarity, and an EGL certificate. Two tapered baguette-cut diamonds adorn each side of the center stone. This delicate engagement ring is for those looking for a classic diamond engagement ring that is sure to capture everyone’s attention. 

8. The Hemingway Ring

estate diamond jewelry Hemingway engagement rings for $80000

Price: $86,000. Learn more about the Hemingway ring.

This charming vintage ring was handcrafted in France circa 1925 and is made of platinum. The ring is quite minimalistic, keeping all eyes on the stunning 5.21-carat old European-cut diamond.

This delicate ring should not be considered plain or simple, however; diamonds are set along the bridge, while five diamonds adorn each shoulder along with bordering fine milgrain, and the gallery’s open space allows the diamond’s form to be appreciated to the fullest extent

9. The Shaftsbury Ring

Price: $72,000. Learn more about the Shaftsbury ring.

This majestic ring certainly provides some breathtaking ornamentation.

The 5.05-carat, transitional-cut center diamond is encircled by a sunburst pattern formed of triplet groupings of old European-cut diamonds and cabochon-cut sapphires. The sunburst halo most definitely gives this ring a regal look which is only furthered by the tapered shoulders adorned with additional diamonds and sapphires, as well as the detailed openwork decorating the under-gallery.

The total diamond and sapphire weights of this ring are 5.69 and 0.84 carats respectively.

10. The Dutchess Ring

Estate diamond jewelry Dutchess vintage diamond engagement ring

Price: $72,000. Learn more about the Dutchess ring.

If you’re looking for a vintage engagement ring with a classy and classic style, then take a look at the Dutchess ring. The old European-cut, 4.25-carat center diamond is paired with a tapered baguette-cut diamond on either side. Handcrafted in 14k white gold circa 1950, this engagement ring is an antique that would certainly make any bride happy. 

11. The Golders Green Ring

estate diamond jewelry Golders Green sapphire halo ring

Price: $85,000. Learn more about the Golders Green ring.

If you’re weighing out the various halo ring options, then be sure to add this ring to the list. The 5.72-carat old European-cut center diamond is certified by the UGL. A French-cut halo of sapphires surrounds the center stone and adds a satisfying contrast. The platinum ring also features additional diamonds on the shoulders as well as beautiful geometric openwork on the under-gallery.

12. The Colborne Ring

estate diamond jewelry colborne engagement rings for $80000

Price: $80,000. Learn more about the Colborne ring.

The Colborne ring features a 3.00-carat emerald-cut center stone with VVS1-rated clarity. Surrounding it is a halo of baguette-cut diamonds with trapezoid cuts on the four corners so as to maintain the emerald shape. Adorning each shoulder are five round brilliant diamonds. Finally, the ring is decorated throughout with fine milgrain as well as charming openwork on the under-gallery.

13. The Bauer Ring

Price: $85,000. Learn more about the Bauer ring.

This sleek ring features a GIA-certified old European-cut diamond weighing 4.26 carats with 2 baguette-cut side stones set in prongs on each side. The 8 additional round brilliant-cut diamonds bezel set on each side of the bridge is a subtle touch that elevates the elegance of this ring already gorgeous ring. The total diamond weight of this ring is 5.26 carats.

14. The Boonton Ring

Price: $68,000. Learn more about the Boonton ring.

If you’re looking for a less traditional engagement ring, then this antique ring holding a pear-shaped 9.59-carat Ceylon sapphire is a great choice. Creating an appealing contrast, a 0.50-carat diamond side stone adorns each shoulder. Finally, additional diamonds are set along the gallery rail and this platinum ring, handcrafted circa 1930, is decorated by hand engravings on the shank.

15. The Tropea Ring

estate diamond jewelry Tropea engagement rings for $80000

Price: $85,000. Learn more about the Tropea ring.

If the bride is a fan of emeralds, then this is the perfect choice. The 5.49-carat, antique cushion-cut center diamond is surrounded by a halo of calibre French-cut emeralds which continues slightly down the shoulders. Bringing the total emerald weight to 2.10 carats, an additional emerald in the shape of a triangle is on either side of the diamond. Finally, delightful swirly pattern openwork decorates the gallery.

16. The Wicklow Ring

Estate diamond jewelry wicklow vintage diamond engagement ring

Price: $96,000. Learn more about the Wicklow ring.

If you’re looking for something classic, then check out this stylish vintage ring. This delicate ring was handcrafted in 18k white gold circa 1960 and features a 3.07-carat emerald-cut diamond with VS1-rated clarity and D-rated color. Supplementing the center stone on either side is a tapered baguette side diamond.

17. The Hudson Ring

Price: $95,000. Learn more about the Hudson ring.

If the Tropea ring didn’t meet your needs for an emerald halo ring, then the Hudson might do the trick.

Most importantly, the stunning bezel-set center diamond is 5.91 carats and has VS1-rated clarity. The 1.00-carat natural calibre-cut emerald halo, however, is certainly what takes this ring to the next level. What’s more, delightful ornamentation is found in the form of fine milgrain bordering the halo, beautiful openwork in the under-gallery, and single diamonds set in kite-shaped bezels on each shoulder.

18. The Swiss Ring

Estate diamond jewelry Swiss vintage diamond engagement ring

Price: $65,000. Learn more about the Swiss ring.

This vintage platinum ring is certainly an impressive treasure. Handcrafted circa 1950, this delicate ring features a 4.12-carat old European-cut center diamond. In addition, 0.30 carats of tapered baguette side diamonds improve the allure. What’s more, the minimalistic setting and gallery allow for a more thorough view of the center diamond.

19. The Shoreham Ring

Estate diamond jewelry Shoreham halo diamond engagement ring

Price: $65,500. Learn more about the Shoreham ring.

The Shoreham ring is truly magnificent and certainly fits the bill for diamond lovers. Above all, the old European-cut center diamond is 4.37 carats and surrounded by an exquisite halo of pavé set diamonds. In addition, 7 diamonds adorn each shoulder. Finally, the under-gallery is decorated by diamonds set along breathtaking openwork leaf patterns.

20. The Lane Ring

Estate diamond jewelry Lane double halo sapphire ring

Price: $65,000. Learn more about the Lane ring.

If you’re looking for something truly special, then this rare and unique 18k white gold ring is an excellent choice. Both the double halo of diamonds and the 1.81-carat vivid blue Kashmir sapphire contribute greatly to the impressive level of beauty and luxury this ring possesses.

Get the Engagement Ring of Your Dreams 

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