Top 30 Diamond Engagement Rings for $70000

January 6, 2023 – Posted in: Jewelry Blog

Shopping within a range of around $70,000, finding a diamond engagement ring should be easy. But choosing the perfect one is another thing entirely. The engagement ring you pick could determine the course of your relationship. But don’t worry – we are here to help. At Estate Diamond Jewelry, we certainly offer a stunning selection of diamond engagement rings. Enjoy taking a look at our top 30 diamond engagement rings for $70000. 

1. Bayside Ring

Price: $55,000. Learn more about the Bayside ring.

Starting off our list of engagement rings for $70000, the Bayside ring is an elegant, handcrafted ring with an old European-cut diamond in the center. It certainly supports a lower profile, and the head of the ring is surrounded by a halo of diamonds and three baguette-cut diamonds on each side of the ring. The center stone weighs 3.80 carats and looks impeccable with VS2 clarity and K color.

The center diamond, combined with the majestic openwork at the sides of the gallery, makes this ring an excellent choice. 

2. Weybridge Ring

Artistic engagement ring for 60000 Diamond and Sapphire

Price: $60,000. Learn more about the Weybridge ring.

The Weybridge ring is a beautiful original vintage ring, centering a GIA-certified emerald-cut diamond weighing approximately 2.15 carats. The ring’s head is decorated with round old-cut diamonds and lovely natural caliber-cut sapphires. Altogether, the diamonds add up to 2.81 carats. 

The under-gallery displays a tank-scroll motif, and the outstanding retro design is accentuated by the pure F color and VVS1 clarity of the center diamond. To sum up, these two quality-determining factors put this diamond engagement ring in a class of its own. 

3. Glenridge Ring

Estate diamond jewelry Glenridge engagement rings for $70000

Price: $60,000. Learn more about the Glenridge ring.

If you are looking for a charming, traditional diamond engagement ring, then the Glen Ridge ring might be right for you.

The center diamond is a dazzling antique cushion-cut 5.04-carat diamond. It has K color and VS2 clarity. The shoulders of the ring are adorned with pavé-set old European-cut diamonds. This combination certainly gives the ring a fashionable and lavish appearance. The ring has a low profile, which grants the ring quite an elegant side view. 

4. Emerson Ring

Estate diamond jewelry Emerson engagement rings for $70000

Price: $56,000. Learn more about the Emerson ring.

The Emerson ring is certainly a unique option, as it is quite wide.

This French vintage ring was crafted in platinum circa 1945 and features a stunning 3.15-carat diamond as it’s center stone. A row of channel-set baguette diamonds adorns each shoulder, totaling approximately 1.00 carat and going down the center. If the bride is interested in the more special vintage rings, then you’ll want to keep an eye on this one!

5. Shoreham Ring

Estate diamond jewelry shoreham diamond halo engagement ring

Price: $65,500. Learn more about the Shoreham ring.

The Shoreham ring is handcrafted in platinum and features a bezel-set, 4.37-carat old European-cut center diamond. Surrounding the impressive stone is a halo of pavé set diamonds. Smaller diamonds are set along the shoulders as well.

The ornamentation of this ring is also rather magical; fine milgrain dedicates the perimeters of each of the diamond features, and leaf design openwork adorns the gallery with additional diamonds set within.

6. Burbank Ring

Price: $62,000. Learn more about the Burbank ring.

If bold styles appeal to the bride, then the Burbank ring is a magnificent three-stone ring that she may love. 

The center diamond is 2.03 carats, has an emerald cut, and has a GIA certificate. What’s more, it falls in the D color category, meaning it’s colorless. The two diamonds on each flank are also GIA-certified, but they have a Trillian cut. One is 0.50 carats and E color, and the other one is 0.49 carats and D color. Smaller old European-cut diamonds are set around the three-stone center and along the ring’s shoulders. 

7. Earling Ring

Estate diamond jewelry Earling diamond halo engagement ring

Price: $60,000. Learn more about the Earling ring.

If the bride has a sophisticated fashion sense, then the Earling ring is an excellent choice.

The ring features a prominent rose-cut diamond, weighing approximately 5.08 carats, encompassed by a halo of old mine-cut diamonds. Supporting the center diamond, the platinum bridge and the base are handcrafted beautifully to accentuate the ring’s splendor. The detailed openwork on the ring’s under-gallery makes the Earling ring especially breathtaking.

8. Shaftsbury Ring

Estate diamond jewelry shaftsbury engagement rings for $70000

Price: $72,000. Learn more about the Shaftsbury ring.

The stunning Shaftsbury ring features quite an interesting halo; surrounding the 5.05-carat center diamond are consecutive three-stone groupings of old European-cut diamonds and cabochon sapphires. The tapered shoulders are adorned with additional diamonds and sapphires bringing the total sapphire weight to 0.84 carats, and the total diamond weight to 5.69 carats. Finally, decorating the under-gallery is mesmerizing geometric openwork.

9. Dutchess Ring

Estate diamond jewelry Dutchess engagement rings for $70000

Price: $72,000. Learn more about the Dutchess ring.

Short and sweet, this vintage ring was handcrafted in white gold circa 1950. The delicate ring features a center diamond of 4.25 carats with tapered baguette side diamonds. The Dutchess ring is a timeless classic that follows an ever-loved design- it simply works.

10. Estate Halo Ring

Estate diamond jewelry Estate Halo diamond engagement ring

Price: $58,000. Learn more about the Estate Halo ring.

The Estate Halo ring is a traditional halo-style diamond engagement ring with an antique diamond, cut circa 1910. It features a cushion-cut diamond that weighs 5.02 carats. It’s framed by a bezel-set diamond halo with smaller antique diamonds. Since this diamond engagement ring is so large, it would best fit short and wide fingers. The ring was handmade in platinum, and it has a triple-wire shank. 

11. Bel Air Ring

Price: $54,000. Learn more about the Bel Air ring.

The Bel Air ring is a discrete and sophisticated engagement ring. It has a lot of intricate details that aren’t visible at first glance.

Small diamonds not only decorate the ring’s shoulders but the mounting as well. If viewed from beneath, then the ring reveals a hidden diamond halo. The elongated rose-cut center diamond has a GIA certificate and weighs 3.02 carats. Finally, It has a low profile and impressive details along the bridge. 

12. Stratton Ring

Estate diamond jewelry Stratton  vintage diamond engagement ring

Price: $55,000. Learn more about the Stratton ring.

The stunning Stratton ring was handcrafted in platinum circa 1920. The main attraction here is a 3.62-carat old European-cut diamond set in fleur de lis themed prongs. Additionally, set along the shoulders are three bezel-set single-cut diamonds followed by detailed hand engravings. If the bride would appreciate a vintage ring with exquisite detail, then this is a perfect choice.

13. Alperton Ring

Contact for price. Learn more about the Alperton ring.

The Alperton ring features one 4.01-carat center diamond that has a brilliant round cut, K color, and VS2 clarity. Meanwhile, 7 side diamonds are prong-set in the platinum mounting, along each ring’s shoulders. The Alperton ring certainly is a classic choice, and it would fit any future bride’s fashion sense.

14. Hemingway Ring

Estate diamond jewelry Hemingway engagement rings for $70000

Price: $86,000. Learn more about the Hemingway ring.

The Hemingway ring is so breathtaking that it will be the center of attention in any situation. It’s another solitaire engagement ring, but this one features a prong-set diamond of 5.21 carats with an old European cut, L color, and VS1 clarity. The ring’s shoulder and under-gallery are also set with smaller old European-cut diamonds. Finally, this diamond engagement ring was handcrafted circa 1925 in the Art Deco era. 

15. The Beckton Ring

Estate diamond jewelry Vintage Beckton diamond engagement rings

Price: $56,000. Learn more about the Beckton ring.

The Beckton ring is certainly a winner, and it’s even well below $70,000. The center stone is a stunning old European-cut diamond, which weighs an impressive 4.73 carats. What’s more, the center diamond comes with a GIA certificate, which is available upon request. It’s held by six prongs in a medium-profile setting, with smaller diamonds aligned along the shoulders.

The Beckton ring is a vintage piece handcrafted circa 1950.

16. Orford Ring

Price: $68,000. Learn more about the Orford ring.

This divine ring features a 5.15-carat, elongated cushion-cut center diamond surrounded by a halo of natural French-cut sapphires. Four additional diamonds adorn each shoulder and the under-gallery is decorated by delightful openwork. If the bride appreciates sapphires or blue in general, then this is a superb option.

17. Scandia Ring 

Fancy Diamond Engagement Rings for $70000 with Diamond Halo

Price: $88,000. Learn more about the Scandia ring.

For those who enjoy extravagance, the Scandia ring will undoubtedly capture the attention of everyone in the room.

Firstly, every inch of the ring is covered with diamonds. But, most importantly, at the center is a 1.02 marquise-cut pink diamond surrounded by several diamond halos that follow the same shape. What’s more, differently-cut diamond clusters embellish the ring’s shoulders, shank, and mounting. Finally, the ring is set in 18k white gold. 

This diamond engagement ring certainly is a statement piece, and you wouldn’t need it to pair it with other jewelry. 

18. Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 

Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring on Finger

Price: $88,000. Learn more about the brilliant cut diamond engagement ring. 

This diamond engagement ring is so delicate and gorgeous that it shines like a star. At first glance, it may seem simply designed, but it has a lot of intricate details. 

Firstly, let’s talk about the fabulous center stone. It has a brilliant cut, H color, an EGL certificate, and weighs in at 5.09 carats. Further, it’s flanked by a baguette-cut diamond on each shoulder.  Finally, the mounting is handmade, and the ring is set in platinum. This diamond engagement ring would, without a doubt, look flattering on any finger shape and size. 

19. Hampshire Ring

Estate diamond jewelry Hampshire  vintage diamond engagement ring

Price: $61,000. Learn more about the Hampshire ring.

From the setting, to the gallery, to the shoulders, and to the shank- the vintage Hampshire engagement ring wastes no space and nearly every part of it is decorated by lovely diamonds and filigree.

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1910, this Edwardian-era ring features a 4.26-carat center diamond. Additional diamonds are found decorating the gallery, gallery rail, and shoulders along with intricate hand-engraved leaf motif designs along the shank. The detailed ornamentation of this ring is truly dazzling.

20. Aveyron Ring

Estate diamond jewelry Aveyron engagement rings for $70000

Price: $52,000. Learn more about the Aveyron ring.

The Aveyron ring has a vintage appearance and an east-west design. Since its width is accentuated, it would be more flattering on wider fingers, as the ring will make them appear thinner.

A 2.05-carat old European-cut diamond is the center stone. It’s ranked in the D color category, which makes it very valuable. The diamond is set in a high profile, thus resembling a crown. Finally, there are hand engravings along the entire length of the ring. as well as fine milgrain detailing the diamonds’ borders.

21. Swiss Ring

Estate diamond jewelry Swiss engagement rings for $70000

Price: $65,000. Learn more about the Swiss ring. 

You may have noticed a very similar ring earlier on this list; number 9, the Dutchess ring, is nearly identical in form.

This minimalistic vintage ring was handcrafted in platinum circa 1950 and features a 4.12-carat center diamond with two tapered baguette side stones totaling approximately 0.30 carats. If you were interested in the Dutchess ring, but wouldn’t mind a slightly lower carat, then perhaps this less expensive alternative is a perfect choice.

22. Westchester Ring

Estate diamond jewelry Three stone westchester engagement ring

Price: $55,000. Learn more about the Westchester ring.

Those who want a statement piece should consider the Westchester ring. Instead of a traditional solitaire engagement ring, the Westchester ring has three center stones. The one in the middle is the largest, as it weighs 2.01 carats. It has a cushion cut, D color, VVS2 clarity, and a GIA certificate. The side diamonds also have cushion cuts, and they have a combined weight of 1.49 carats. 

23. Colborne Ring

Estate diamond jewelry Colborne engagement rings for $70000

Price: $80,000. Learn more about the Colborne ring.

The stunning Colborne ring features a 3.00-carat, emerald-cut, very very slightly included center diamond bezel set inside a lavish halo of baguette and trapezoid cut diamonds. Adorning each shoulder are five round brilliant cut additional diamonds. Completing this fantastic handcrafted platinum ring are the fine milgrain ornamentation bordering either side of the halo and the curling design openwork found on the under-gallery.

24. Tropea Ring

Estate diamond jewelry Tropea engagement rings for $70000

Price: $85,000. Learn more about the Tropea ring.

The Tropea ring is a stylish and unique emerald halo ring handcrafted in platinum and featuring a 5.49-carat cushion cut center diamond. The calibre French-cut emerald halo provides an appealing uncommon shape to the ring, features additional triangle-cut emeralds pointing to the shoulders, and continues down the shoulders.

The total emerald weight is 2.10 carats, and the fine milgrain borders, as well as the truly magnificent swirling design openwork on the gallery, are delightful touches.

25. Golders Green Ring

Estate diamond jewelry Golders Green diamond engagement ring

Price: $85,000. Learn more about the Golders Green ring.

For those who like sapphire halos, the Golders Green ring is a rather lovely choice. A 5.72-carat old European-cut diamond is the center stone, while the halo is made up of French-cut sapphires, which are extremely valuable. To top it all off, an additional diamond adorns each shoulder. This diamond engagement ring also features a beautiful openwork filigree on the under-gallery. 

26. Bauer Ring

Price: $85,000. Learn more about the Bauer ring.

This spectacular geometric engagement ring features a 4.26-carat center diamond with 4 baguette-cut side diamonds- 2 on each side. Set along each side of the gallery are 8 round brilliant-cut diamonds. The total weight of the additional diamonds is approximately 1.00 carat. This ring is certainly a glamorous item.

27. Deansgate Ring

Estate diamond jewelry Deansgate engagement rings for $70000

Price: $60,000. Learn more about the Deansgate ring.

The Deansgate ring is perfect for a bride who appreciates a level of minimalism. The emerald-cut center diamond is 3.14 carats, and the bullet-cut side diamonds are a total of 0.80 carats. This handcrafted platinum ring doesn’t try to do everything, but what it does do, it does very well.

28. Osborne Ring 

Price: $60,000. Learn more about the Osborne ring.

You may have noticed earlier in the list the Swiss ring being compared to it’s sister, the Dutchess, as a very similar option, but for a lower price point. Well, consider the Osborne ring their third younger sister.

This vintage platinum ring handcrafted circa 1960 features a round brilliant-cut, 3.04-carat center diamond along with a tapered baguette-cut diamond set on each shoulder totaling 0.72 carats. If you found the sister rings appealing, but would be more interested in a lower carat and price, then this is the perfect alternative.

29. Boonton Ring 

10772 Sapphire Ring on Finger

Price: $68,000. Learn more about the Boonton ring.

For those who prefer sapphire as the center stone, take a look at the Boonton ring. The center stone is a Ceylon sapphire with 9.59 carats. The ring’s shoulders and mounting have an attractive geometrical design. A row of diamonds is set along the sides of the gallery. There are two more diamonds on each side of the sapphire, each of which weighs 0.50 carats.

This antique pear sapphire engagement ring was handcrafted circa 1930.

30. Lane Ring

Estate diamond jewelry Lane diamond halo sapphire ring

Price: $65,000. Learn more about the Lane ring.

If you’re looking for a non-diamond center stone variant, then consider the Lane ring.

This 18k white gold ring features a Kashmir sapphire; such sapphires are exceedingly rare and valuable due to their intense blue color that’s challenging to mimic. It weighs approximately 1.81 carats and has an AGL certificate. The sapphire is enclosed by two halos which have a gap between them. Both the halos and the ring’s shoulders are covered with small old European-cut diamonds.

Advice for Buying Diamond Engagement Rings for $70000

13025 Customer using a Loupe on a Diamond and Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring in Showroom

Some people assume that with diamond engagement rings, it’s all about the carat weight and the cut. In reality, there are so many other factors to consider before you decide. That’s why you should shop with Diamond Estate Jewelry. We’ll help you make the right decision and answer any questions you might have about our diamond engagement rings. 

If one of our diamond engagement rings has caught your eye, then feel free to contact us. We respond to all emails within one business hour. Even better, schedule an appointment to see it in person before anyone else has a chance to get it first.